Sunday, December 9, 2012

The How

It seems that product builders, game developers and entrepreneurs often forget about The How. There is a constant focus on The Why, The What and The Who but The How is rarely discussed. The Why explains the problem that the product is trying to solve, The What explains the product itself and the brilliant or beautiful aspects of it and The Who talks of the pedigree of the team. You are probably thinking that The How is obvious, that it is implicit based on The What and The Who, but that is not the case. The How is not just the technology or the design, it is the process, the productivity and the quality.

Great teams are set apart by The How, they focus on making every piece of code better, they push to build art faster, reduce iteration time on design and squeeze more out of a single sprint. These people understand that time is the only thing you cannot buy and that growing the team or raising more money is just a way to push back an inevitable deadline. If you think about The How every time you do a task you start to realize you could do it better, faster or smarter. Every task that you do, whether it is the first time you are doing it or the thousandth, The How should matter. Before any task, remember that you have a limited time to complete it, and how you perform, your productivity, is what will determine the final outcome. The How should be motivation to constantly improve the process, to make yourself and your team more productive, and if that happens, the outcome will almost certainly improve as well.

After your next sprint or feature release, do not just look at what you released, or why you released it, look at the how your team performed, how the process worked and how the team can be more productive next time.


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